Today, over 70% of all office workers are using online tools in their daily jobs. The best place for help and guidance with today’s complex software tools is often online help.

An Online Help is topic, procedural or reference information delivered through computer software. It is a form of User Assistance. Most Help is designed to give assistance in the use of a software application or operating system, but can also be used to present information on a broad range of subjects. Why creating on-line Helps? Basically for 2 reasons:

  • Save time: Help & Manual helps you to create better documentation quicker. The time required for producing the help for a medium-sized software project can be measured in days or weeks instead of months.
  • Save money:Online help is a key feature of your software and cannot be over valued. Professional, attractive and well-organized documentation can significantly decrease your support costs. At the same time it will also increase user satisfaction, generating a positive snowball effect.

There are several formats in which online help can be designed, and you should give some thought to the format that is most appropriate for your software application. The two mainstream formats are:

  • Full help centre: Provides online help for the system as a whole. This is a dual-pane help centre with contents, index and word search facilities.
  • Context sensitive help: Help relevant to the screen in your software the user is currently at. This can either be displayed in a new browser window or embedded within your application's UI.

I design and create for you online help systems that address the type of problems that your employees face. Furthermore, my online help solutions are in formats and language designed specifically for your staffs. I usually include generous use of screen shots and links to appropriate reference documents. I create user-friendly and intuitive help systems that enhance your product.

If you are developing a totally new software application, I can author your help for you from scratch. Alternatively, if you have an existing user guides or reference manuals, I can base the online help on these. If you already have online help in a superceded format such as WinHelp, ti is possible to convert this to the format you require, protecting your original investment.

My knowledge base is comprehensive and I use software and applications such as Dreamweaver, Robohelp and many others. Various help development tools, such as RoboHelp, provide an option to compile in Webhelp format. Their output alone, however, is not usually sufficient. My solution makes use of additional code that I write to provide these missing features.